For investors

The Peptide and Protein Chemistry and Engineering team offers its support and participation in R&D and implementation projects to interested companies:

  • In search of new technological solutions in the area of synthesis of amides, esters, peptides, peptidomimetics;


  • In the search for new biologically active compounds with potential use as pharmaceuticals, cosmetic ingredients, food additives, with structures of: amides, esters, peptides, peptidomimetics, lipopeptides;


  • In search of new materials based on polysaccharides, proteins or other biodegradable polymers modified with peptides/peptidomimetics useful in regenerative medicine;


  • In the search for new nanomaterials, nanoparticles with differentiated biological activity obtained by their functionalisation with peptides/peptidomimetics;


  • Above work on new technological solutions in the area of organic synthesis;


  • Over the work of scaling up the synthesis of organic compounds from the gram scale to the scale of a few kilograms.